SEO Theory – Backlink Category Relevance

Backlink Category & It’s Importance

Starting at the beginning, if you analyse the backlink profile for almost any site that ranks at or near the top of Google for competitive search terms you will see an interesting pattern.

Virtually all of the top ranking sites (for uber competitive high traffic phrases) have a commonality…. their backlink profile shows a strong relevant category pattern.

This isn’t accidental. In the majority of cases, those sites are industry leaders, so typically attract lots of links from related sites.

As a website owner your challenge is to mold your link profile to mimic that of the top ranking sites.

This means finding category specific links that you can point to your site pages. The higher the trustscore for those links, the more you will enhance your site authority, and your website will then climb online for your main keywords and search terms.

How To Analyse Backlink Category

There are two tool options, either or will show the link categories for a websites profile in detail.

Once you have identified the categories that are related to your niche (quite often there will be several that carry relevance) you can begin to look at the links already pointing to your competitors sites and see if you can include your link on any of them.

Link building can be a difficult process so if you are struggling, ask to help and start building high quality, category relevant backlinks to your site.

There are quite often easy wins by doing this and you will soon have a few powerful links helping you to increase your rankings.