Why Use A Copywriter?

Why Would You Use A Copywriter?

The written word is the heart and soul of how businesses communicate with clients and prospects, but instead of writing the words in-house, many businesses engage professional copywriters.

But does outsourced copywriting confer any real benefit to your business? It certainly does – and on many levels.

Consider the sheer time involved in writing a brochure, or case study, or blog, or website copy, or a video script, or whatever deliverable you’re producing. In each case, the process starts with a briefing, then progresses to a draft, then accommodates any edits, then results – after proofing – in a final draft.

That’s a very labour-intensive process, so businesses naturally find benefit in getting most of it off their desk and onto somebody else’s.

Now think about the skill involved. Yes, we all learn to write in school, and some businesspeople become very proficient writers – but many do not (often simply because they’re responsible for many other tasks and deliverables apart from the marketing copy!)

So, for many businesses who choose not to outsource copywriting, there is the dual challenge not only of the time the writing ties up in their schedule, but the often less than stellar quality of the final result. And, needless to say, poorly written marketing content doesn’t exactly inspire customer confidence!

Outsourcing the copywriting, on the other hand, passes responsibility for every stage of production (apart from the all-important initial brief!) to a professional whose sole business is generating quality, well written marketing content, with minimal distraction.

Let’s not forget, too, that copywriters, by their very nature, tend to have an eye for detail that the busy manager just can’t summon – it’s what comes of spending many hours playing off grammatical accuracy against the audience’s need for simplicity and clarity!

So, write it yourself or use a copywriter? No competition.